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spanish teacher
Gabriela has a University degree in Spanish linguistics  for teaching Spanish as a Second Language, she has worked as Spanish teachers during 7 years, she has a lot of experience in teaching Spanish via Skype.

  • University Degree 100%
  • Years of experience 60%


spanish teachter

Vinicio holds a University degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, and linguistics methodologies given by The Universidad Central del Ecuador. Vinicio speaks other languages and also teaches those languages. Vinicio has an extensive experience in teaching Spanish during 11 years.



  • University Degree 100%
  • Years of experience 80%


spanish teachter
Andrea is from Ambato city, she has a diploma as Spanish teacher. She has been teacher during 4 years, she loves to know people from other countries and to share Ecuadorian  culture.

  • University Degree 100%
  • Years of experience 40%

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About Ecuadorean Culture

Carnival in Ecuador

Carnival is celebrated throughout Ecuador. Some cities have larger celebrations. In Quito, the government is trying to make the event more cultural. Currently, there are massive water balloon fights in the streets amongst entire families. The two most famous Carnival...

End of the Year and the Mad Widows

Año Viejo (literally translated old year) is one of the most peculiar festivals in Ecuador. Those who were widowed in the past year create life-sized dolls to set up in a kiosk on December 31 to represent the deaths of their spouses. Female widowers ask for money on...

It is Quichua or Quechoa?

Both “Quichua” and “Quechoa” are correct. The difference in spelling is geographical: Quechoa (with an “e” and “o”) is the term used for the language of Peru, whereas Quichua (or Kichwa) is a the term used for the language of Ecuador. This is because the...

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