Everyone can speak Spanish

Improve your Spanish level with Shayarina online conversation club


Welcome to Shayarina online Spanish School’s conversation club, our idea is to provide an additional service to our students and all people who wish to improve their level of Spanish without the need of being a student at our school, this service doesn’t have cost, you only need the will to do so.

In this club interesting topics kind social, politics, economy, environment and others will be discussed every week, the topics are different and planned, which will be published on our website

To join the club, you must email us to info@shayarina.com stating your interest in participating in the conversation club, we will respond to confirm your participation in the conversation club. If you receive your spot, we will send you the topic to be discussed in the conversation for which you must prepare to have a good participation. The number of available spots is limited.

Meeting hours for the conversation club are:

Beginners on Tuesday at 19:00

Intermediate on Wednesdays at 19:00

Advanced on Thursday at 19:00

The hour is Ecuador time zone, so you must set the time in your country accordingly.

This service is for one hour and doesn’t have any cost.

!Come!  You are welcome, Everyone can speak Spanish.